Yugo Bhekti Utomo
STMIK Nusamandiri Jakarta

STMIK Nusamandiri Jakarta

Erene Gernaria Sihombing
STMIK Nusamandiri Jakarta

Jurnal Teknik Komputer Vol. I No.1, Februari 2015 , ISSN:2442-2436


Interactive animation is a medium of learning is quite interesting for students. This is because learning how to use the animation is not as boring as learning in school just by paying attention to the teacher who was explaining to the class material. In this interactive animation writer tries to make the material introduction to traditional indigenous clothing intended for junior high school students, especially for grade 8. This animation was created to provide knowledge to the students about the role of traditional indigenous clothing in human life. It also can be a method of learning that is different from what is taught in schools. In this study the authors will use some of them, namely software Adobe Flash CS3 and Adobe Photoshop CS3. The results of the analysis show the learning process through interactive animated media have a big impact in improving students ‘understanding of the material and the student an introduction to the introduction of the traditional custom clothing, this is due to male and female students’ understanding of the explanation is better to use images, sound effects, and animations.


Animasi Interaktif, Media Pembelajaran, Adobe Flash CS6, Adobe Photoshop CS3.

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