Joko Dwi Hartanto
STMIK Nusamandiri Jakarta

STMIK Nusamandiri Jakarta

Jurnal Teknik Komputer Vol. I No.1, Februari 2015 , ISSN:2442-2436


Almost every people in the business world use computers to do their work. The users usually only know how to operate a computer, while it is difficult for them to fix it every time the computer got a problem, although minor problems on the computer. Thus the need for a system that can help the user so for some minor issues that could be resolved with the assistance of the system. The simple idea based on the background is about how to create a system that can provide solutions to users in fixing the computer when the computer is in trouble. Model the system based on the results of the analysis. This modeling form of ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram), UML (United Modeling Langauge). At this stage search method is needed to draw conclusions from the data that has been entered by the user of the symptoms that occur, the method used is a forward chaining is a method in which the search starts from taking the facts first and then used to draw conclusions. The results of this study can be concluded that the expert system that made this can allow a user to resolve minor problems that often occur without the help of the helpdesk. Minor problems experienced user can be resolved over having to wait addressed by the helpdesk when it is busy.


Sistem Pakar, Forward Chaining, Helpdesk, Troubleshoot Komputer

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